Cold and hot ceramic DBC-众盈集团独创 玩游戏做股东拿分红
Cold and hot ceramic DBC

Al2o3 ceramic circuit board
Maximum board size: 130x 180mm
Board thickness: 0.21 to 1.0mm
Metal: Cu (0.01 to 0.3mm), Au, Ag, Mo-Mn 25 to 40 micron
Ni: 3 to 7 micron, TiW NIV
Overview of main physical properties: <ul>
Good electrical insulation
High mechanical strength
Excellent wear resistance
Excellent corrosion resistance
Low dielectric constant</ul>
Overview of main applications: <UL>
High power LED ceramic substrate
Microwave (wireless communication and radar)
Semiconductor process equipment
Solar cell
Hybrid electric vehicles
Flip chip/eutectic substrate
Sensor ceramic substrate

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